Our aim is to find and curate The very best
artisan Spanish food
and deliver it right to your door

And people seem to like it

A veritable treasure trove of high quality regional Spanish ingredients; all delivered directly to your door!

Lavender & Lovage

Things you can't readily get over here in the UK. It really opens up your eyes - and taste buds - to the real flavours of Spain.

Comfort Bites

Unique, delicious… the best post ever!


A box stuffed with the most amazing Spanish products.

Anne's Kitchen
So how does it work

We send you a monthly hamper of amazing seasonal produce from the very best Spanish artisans and farms.

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We ensure the ingredients work together and provide recipes, tasting notes and tips.

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You can top up your hamper with delicious morsels from our larder.

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What do you get?
Monthly box of 5/6 items + Tasting notes & recipes + Customisable box + Shipping included
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One: How we create your hamper

A Foodies Hamper subscription provides a steady supply of delicious natural Spanish produce. You receive a fresh selection of gourmet products every month - each different from the last, and each based on the season.

Here's a peak at some of our previous hampers.
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Two: Hints, tips and tasting notes - to get the most out of your hamper -

I was thrilled with the recipe I made as well as the selection and quality of ingredients that were sent to me.

Karen Burns Booth
Be Inspired!

There's always something new to try and we complement each month's hamper with recipes, both on our website and in the tasting notes. The notes tell you what each product is and give you a little background on the producer and the history of the product. We’ll also give you some ideas about how each ingredient could be used, matching every item in your hamper to at least one recipe.

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Three: Customise your hamper - with more goodies from our larder -

In our larder you'll find all the tasty products that have previously appeared in our hampers, any of which can be added to your monthly delivery! Simply browse our larder – it’s filled with delicious cheeses, jamón, jams, olive oils, vinegars, pates, snacks and much more – and select whatever you’d like to add to your hamper, either as a one-off or a regular item. We’ll include it in your next delivery!

We love to keep our larder well stocked so keep coming back to see what tasty new bites we've discovered.

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Now that you've got here, the only remaining hard decision is whether you are going to treat yourself, or send someone an enviable gift!

Just choose the best plan for you and then simply confirm for us which type of order you want to make once you've hit subscribe for your chosen plan.

£30 1 month* Monthly subscription
£90 3 months* Pre-pay 3 hampers
£165 6 months* Pre-pay 6 hampers Save £15
Benefits on all our plans
Monthly box of 5/6 items + Tasting notes & recipes + Customisable box + Shipping included

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